Ringworm, an infection triggered by dermatophyte, usually spread through contact with an animal or person with the infection, it can be prevented with good hygiene as well as following a few clinical methods. Ringworm is a fungal skin infection that affects any part of the body both in animals and humans. Worm was initially thought by doctors as the causative agent. Now we know that this skin infection has nothing to do with worms, rather, it can have something to do with pets. When ringworm is found on the feet, it is normally called athlete’s foot; when found in the groin, it is called jock itch and it is called ringworm when found on the body. You must be exposed to ringworm before you can catch it and at the same time you have to be susceptible. Certain people are more at risk than others. If you are having eczema or some other skin problems, you may catch ringworm easily because of the poor state of the protective barrier of the outer layer of the skin. Ringworm can be prevented in many ways; this article will discuss the best ways to avoid being infected. Highlighted below are some of the best ways to avoid being infected with ringworm:

Treat Infected Animals

One of the best ways to avoid being infected with ringworm is to treat infected pets because this skin problem spreads easily from pets to humans. If you notice bald patches or missing hair on your pet’s skin, immediately have it treated. Separate the pet for some time and teach children to always have their hands washed after petting them. This is a significant step to avoid being infected with ringworm.

Know Who Is At Risk

Ringworm, a very common infection, can affect anyone. Some people are at a higher risk of getting the infection than others. People who frequently use communal showers or baths, people who take part in contact sports like wrestling and people with suppressed immune systems are all at higher risk of getting infected. Also know that school children and people in institutions are also at risk of being infected during an epidemic of the infection.

Know How to Prevent the Infection

Knowing how to prevent the infection will surely help in avoiding being infected. Wash your hands frequently; do not share hats, hairbrushes and clothing with a person that might have come in contact with an infected area, make sure they use sterilize instruments in your beauty salon or your barber shop.

Maintain Regular Cleaning

Always maintain regular cleaning, wash surfaces thoroughly, clothing and items should be washed in hot water and hot-air dried to help kill and remove spores. Like I said earlier, wash your hands regularly, keep shared or common areas clean, especially in child care centers, schools, locker rooms and gyms.

Educate Yourself and Others

Understand the risk of ringworm from infected pets or people. Educate your children about ringworm as well as how to avoid the infection and what to watch for.

Stay Dry and Cool

Avoid wearing thick clothing for long both in warm and humid weather. Always avoid unnecessary sweating. Stay dry and cool.

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