Treat Ringworm Easy and Fast with Bleach

Today, we are going to share to treat ringworm easily and fast with bleach. Ringworm is really spreadable and irritating skin infection. It is caused by a fungus which can affect any part of your body including, face, beard, hands, arms and legs. You need to treat in the beginning otherwise, red rashes appear on the skin that are really irritation and causes much problem. These rashes are in circular form and it takes many days to recover and removing from skin.

Use of bleach is considered to be a home remedy for the treatment or Ringworm. It is a new and absolutely safe method. There are many other ways too, that can used to treat ringworm. But I’m sharing a perfect solution. You don’t need so much things and information to treat with this method.

In this article, we are going to study how we can use bleaching to treat fast ringworm. But before, have a look on its symptoms, then we will proceed to the treatment.

Significant symptoms of Ringworm

There are many symptoms which are seen when a person have ringworm on its skin. These symptoms includes.

  • Red rashes on skin which are in circular region. They can present anywhere on the body, like on beard in men or scalp.
  • Dandruff can been in the near region of affected area when in case of scalp.
  • The circular regions becomes hairless and skin becomes smooth and clean.
  • The affected area might be increasing in size with the passage of time.

How to use Bleach to cure and remove ringworm quickly

While using bleach, you need to perform it safely to get results faster. There are some steps which you can do at home and cure it.

  1. First of all, you need a standard bleach solution which will includes 6% of Hypochlorite. You can purchase it easily from the nearby general store. Don’t use concentrated solution of bleach as it will irritate the skin very much. So you need to simply add some water to make diluted solution of bleach. It won’t irritate you.
  2. Then you need a sterile cotton to apply bleach on skin. Dip the cotton into the diluted solution of bleach and apply on the ringworm region of skin. In case of scalp region, you can get help from family member to apply it.
  3. Leave bleach on the lesion for 6-7 hours or more. If the lesion is in a greater area, you can cover it with sterile bandages.
  4. Wash the lesion after that time with shampoo or anti-fungal soap.
  5. The lesion will be healed in few days after the following bleach method.

Some Precautions

  • Don’t use bleach near the eye region ringworm.
  • If your skin is irritated with bleach, dilute the solution with more distilled water.
  • If you don’t see any change in the lesion, try to use concentrated solution. You will get better results. If rash continues to increase, please seek for the doctor for proper treatment.
  • Don’t share your things with other family members when you are suffering from ringworm.

We hope this bleaching treatment helps you to cure ringworm. Please share this knowledge with friends and family for their safety and treatment.

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